Proactive Connect

ProActive Equipment Repair has developed Proactive Connect™, a cutting-edge collaborative tool that allows Proactive to manage, in real time, all customer accounts and records. A centralized website is established for each customer account. Thus, Proactive and its customers are provided access to customer account records, maintenance histories, maintenance calendars, to-do lists, checklists, maintenance and repair manuals, and any other pertinent information necessary to provide the most efficient and comprehensive service to Proactive customers.

Each customer website allows customers to track and keep up-to-date on time sheets, maintenance schedules, invoices, and repair orders. In fact, each customer account is managed mainly through e-mail, so any miscommunication, missed calls, callbacks, and missed deadlines are all but eliminated. All websites are customer-specific and password protected.

Key elements of Proactive Connect® include:

  • access to customer information anytime and anywhere
  • coordinate customer maintenance and repair schedules
  • assign tasks to Proactive team members and easily monitor status
  • ability to work with outside vendors, suppliers, and customers
  • keep everyone informed of maintenance and repair status and track key projects
  • control deadlines and manage project progress
  • all within a secure environment
  • threaded discussions for internal or external communications
  • customer calendars to track maintenance and repair schedules
  • task and to-do lists