ProActive offers a comprehensive preventive maintenance (PM) 10-point program. ProActive’s recommended standard preventive maintenance (PM) service has been developed using industry standards, manufacturer specifications and recommendations, and years of experience.

We can also customize the PM to match your company’s requirements or program. ProActive will provide customers with individualized PM frequency recommendations based on how your company uses its equipment and vehicles, the age and condition of your fleet, driving patterns, and even environmental conditions.

Standard 10 Point PM Service Summary:

  1. oil and filter service
  2. filter replacement (as needed or required): fuel, air, hydraulic, water-separator, breathers
  3. chassis, under-carriage, component, and drive-train lubrication and inspection
  4. tire and wheel check
  5. comprehensive/thorough vehicle inspection
  6. all fluid service and inspection
  7. safety component inspection
  8. cooling system check
  9. detailed service documentation and reports
  10. notification of any issues detected

Custom Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services

ProActive also offers customized PM programs. Customized programs can consist of an additional list of services necessary for a particular customer, routine dry-PM, or customizing a program to match a customer’s corporate maintenance requirements.

Repairs, Corrective Maintenance and Other Services

ProActive offers many other services, including:

  • replace alternators, starters, belts, hoses, fans, pumps, batteries, cables, lights, lamps
  • coolant system check and flush
  • transmission service
  • brake & clutch adjustment
  • FHWA-DOT Inspection

Partnering with Customer Staff Mechanics (in-house staff)

Many customers with their own in-house staff, though highly- skilled, often struggle to keep up with the workload consisting of on-going maintenance and daily breakdowns and major repairs. Even if customers have in-house mechanics, ProActive will partner with internal staff to complete the job economically and efficiently. All this is done on-site, side-by-side with your staff mechanics according to your standards.

ProActive services many vehicle and engine types and equipment manufacturers, including:

  • asphalt paving equipment
  • tractor and trailers
  • light, medium, and heavy trucks
  • industrial construction equipment and vehicles
  • diesel, gas, and propane engines
  • cranes, lifts, booms, Redi-mix, utility, chippers, and auxiliary equipment
  • light trucks, vans, box trucks, pickups and other vehicles